Monthly Archives: June 2009

ITFC the venue for a transboundary meeting: developing stronger conservation collaboration among Congo, Rwanda and Uganda

Last week we at ITFC in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park hosted a small but historical international conservation meeting. Experts from the protected area authorities and supporting institutions in Rwanda, Congo and Uganda came to our station to sit together and evaluate and plan joint efforts in conservation management, information sharing, monitoring and research. Members of […]

Lions back in Lake Mburo

On our recent visit to Lake Mburo National Park we heard good news. After more than a decade of absence lions have returned. Apparently it is a family of four, two adults and two cubs. One day they simply showed up. They must has crossed a considerable area of farms and ranches. We did not […]

Lake Mburo – an oasis of life

Lake Mburo National Park is a jewel of a protected area. When we need to travel from Bwindi National Park to Kampala (The capital of Uganda) Lake Mburo is one of the places we can stay.  It provides a welcome break in what is otherwise a long dusty journey on poor roads. I recommend it […]

Wandering into Congo

From here in Bwindi Forest it’s easy to wander into the nearby Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mountain gorillas do it. Just recently we did too. If your preconceptions are like mine, you’ll likely agree that a family of large globally endangered species (or indeed a foreign researcher) leaving a safe cosy National Park for […]

The problem of pigs in our education garden!

The ethno botanical garden at ITFC’s Education Center was started in 1992. It serves as a demonstration and education facility, but it is now threatened by domestic animals. What is an ethnobotanical garden? It is a place where you can see and learn about plant species that are useful to people. ITFC’s garden has plant […]

Sharing the daily lives of people around Bwindi

We people around ITFC live in an area of steep hills with valleys. Many of us have to walk long distances to reach water sources, but some people have small plastic tanks to collect water from their roofs during the rainy seasons. Steep slopes below Ruhija where crops are grown We grow tea and tobacco […]

A tiger in your tank … and an orang-utan too.

Please accompany me as my mind travels far from here in Bwindi, Uganda, across the Indian Ocean, to the forests of South East Asia and their orang-utans. These are places I know and care about. I’ve worked there and many friends still do. These are rich forests full of strange and remarkable plants and animals. […]

Training for bloggers in Buhoma

In my life I have so far not had much experience of computer use, so I was happy to have a training by WildlifeDirect before we started blogging from ITFC. Some time ago now, Dennis and I attended their one-day workshop for organizations in South Western Uganda. We were introduced to principles of the computer […]

Buy carbon and save the World … get orang-utans, gorillas and tree frogs free!

Farmers around the national park here have been suffering from the lack of rain.  I am also worried about the climate these days.  It is a global concern. Due to atmospheric changes the world may soon get too hot (and the seas too acid), for life to continue in the manner to which we are/it […]

What is the point? Placing plots in an impenetrable forest

Clutching our equipment and a few scribbled notes, we descended into the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. We were not looking for Mountain gorillas. We were coming because we plan to watch the trees. In fact, working with instructions from Conservation International in the USA, we were going to check out proposed plot ” VGBIF4P”. Not as […]