Monthly Archives: August 2009

Gardening or wilderness protection: when should we manipulate habitats?

When should protected area managers actually manage, and when should they they simply try and keep out external threats and allow nature to follow its own course? One traditional view of park management is that it should keep areas ‘wild’ or even ‘the way they were’. But nature is seldom as static as our imagination […]

A prophecy coming through

Remember our lament about the institute’s empty watertanks ( For the last two weeks we have had to send a pickup filled with containers to the nearest spring (some 7 km) to collect water for our daily use up here. Often the water collector would join a queue as local people from a wide area […]

How wild are Bwindi’s bananas? The final showdown

Ok, please brace yourself for the conclusion of this gripping story. Today the truth will be revealed. If you have followed the previous posts (here are the first and second) you will know that having blogged rather long-windedly about Bwindi’s supposed wild bananas I then discovered that there were no official records of these plants […]

Overview on gorilla conservation in the ‘Year of the Gorilla’

Being based in a remote corner of the planet mail sometimes comes late. But better late than never. I found an interesting article on the ‘Year of the Gorilla’ in the New Scientist of July 27 which just arrived. I think it is worth sharing as many of you will be interested. … luckily it […]

Wild bananas in the shadow of doubt …

Since I recently posted on wild bananas at Bwindi (see here) I have had some doubts. Maybe I was too confident. I have checked the reports and records at the station. I checked our herbarium (the collected plants of nearly two decades of various field research projects: well over a thousand species). I talked to […]

Waiting for the rain

We’ve had almost no rain for several months now. It is a hardship for people and a threat to the forest too. Carrying water to ITFC’s education center. All the tanks are empty. It is getting to the point where anything that moves in the forest cannot avoid making a noise as they disturb the […]