Monthly Archives: November 2009

Unsung heroes

Normally, acknowledgements and tribute for conservation efforts and achievements are given to funders, researchers and managers who do the technical work. At times politicians get credit too. That is fair enough. The contribution of each to conservation can be substantial.Today however, I want to pay tribute to a group that is sometimes forgotten despite their […]

3 Firsts: First class first aid training and Bwindi’s first flying snake

Yesterday we experienced a snake flying through the air and landing among us – more of that later! The occasion was the first aid training at ITFC here in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, generously provided by the Bwindi Community Hospital (BCH). More than 30 ITFC staff (including ourselves) and five UWA rangers attended. Bwindi […]

Health and education in our Kigezi Highlands

I hope you are interested to hear more about our lives and challenges here. I, Christopher, recently attended a 2-day workshop organized by the nongovernmental organization ‘African Medical Research Foundation’ (AMREF). Those of us living in the Kigezi highlands have various health problems which AMREF is raising our awareness about, especially among young people. Various […]

A farewell party with the BBC film team

A farewell party with the BBC film team We had a great party in our Conservation Education Centre last night! It was a “farewell and thank you” celebration hosted by the BBC film crew, who has been filming the mountain gorilla research group with Martha Robbins, during 3 long visits since July 2008. The series […]

We are being watched

As researchers we are used to observing. Sometimes though the tables are turned: the watchers become the watched. The L’Hoest monkeys in particular have a habit of coming and checking us out in the house. They don’t just watch, based on what they see they seem well able to assess, calculate and plan. They will […]