Monthly Archives: January 2010

Celebrating the small things 1

I have noted before how Bwindi’s Mountain Gorilla’s tend to get most of the attention. But living in the park we get to appreciate many more of the other thousands of species that occur here; plants, birds, monkeys and even the insects. The other day on a path near Buhoma we found a mixed mass […]

The face of a master criminal

We note the increasing sophistication of our local L’Hoest’s monkeys. They press their faces against the windows of our house on a near daily basis trying to spot something worth eating. They then wait around looking innocent, but when the opportunity arises they will then dash in through any open door or window and grab […]

Thanks to you and all our supporters in 2009

Many thanks to all our supporters in 2009. We especially thank our two WildlifeDirect donors Brenton and Ms Anonymous! Many thanks too to all you readers for your interest: we value your encouragement and feedback. We look forward to your continued support in 2010. Douglas and everyone at ITFC

Who’s scared to follow forest elephants?

I have been hidden to you for some time because I was in the forest with a team researching Bwindi’s elephants. This started in September and continues. To be honest when I was asked to help with this work I was nervous – even a little scared. Elephants are feared by us, who live here, […]