Monthly Archives: April 2010

If you suffered from crop-raiding animals you’d help implement the solutions wouldn’t you?

Hello – It’s Emmanuel again. I have recently taken on a new responsibility at ITFC Where I coordinate the “Wild West” project. WILD West stands for Wild Life Landscapes and Development for Conservation in the western part of Uganda, this project is funded by USAID and WCS. In this project one of ITFC’s activities is […]

A camper’s nightmare beneath falling trees

Hello all, Badru Mugerwa is here again to share with you his forest experiences from the past eleven days of field work. While camping in the forest, I do sometimes worry about the accidents that might happen when we are sleeping under all these trees. Our last camping site was 5km inside the rugged forest. […]

Landslides in Uganda and near our station

Dear friends of ITFC, recently Uganda was in the international news again. A landslide impacted three villages on the footslopes of Mount Elgon, killing hundreds of people. President Museveni was quick to scold local people for cultivating on such steep slopes and clearing trees, whereas a local leader blamed the government for “not warning people […]

Just count the tails

Yesterday afternoon I took a short walk to clear my head. I watched our local black and white colobus monkeys for a while. These animals cheered me up and I thought you might enjoy them too. The pictures are below. Colobus eat little more than leaves and small amount of other plant materials — they […]