Monthly Archives: May 2010

Mzungu in the mist

Hi, I am Else, one of two Dutch girls studying plant harvest levels and sustainability in Bwindi’s Multiple Use Zones (MUZs). Shortly put, MUZs are parts of the park, mostly close to community land, in which local people are allowed to harvest certain plant species. Before coming to Uganda, we fancied that it would be […]

Research on altitudinal zonation of birds, and why we need it

Dear readers, my name is Malinga Geoffrey Maxwell, an MSc. student from Makerere University Institute of Environment and Natural Resources, Kampala. My interest is in birds’ ecology and their conservation. My research within Bwindi focused on establishing a baseline of bird species’ altitudinal ranges and patterns of abundance within those ranges to promote their conservation. […]

Did you ever think land abandonment and emigration happened around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park?

On a bright Friday morning of 14th August 2009 , the long awaited journey to the ‘Switzerland’ of south west Uganda had finally come. I and Ronald, a fellow Master’s student, visited Ruhija for the first time, to do a field reconnaissance. When we started for real, on 19th October 2009, I knew tough times […]

Meet Bwindi’s birdgal

Hi. I am Lilian, a student researcher at the Institute of Tropical Forest Conservation, Ruhija in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Most of my work is actually outside the boundaries of the Park but I promise you it is as tough and interesting as inside the impenetrable forest! The start was not easy at all. My […]