Monthly Archives: July 2010

Great Blue Touraco

Unlike some I do not get up early in the morning and run about happily with binoculars looking at small birds or other feathered fauna. Not before I’ve had my coffee anyway. But Bwindi’s remarkable birds are not wholly wasted on me. My favourite is not one of the local specialities (we have several highly […]

A beautiful creature on the road

Hi readers a benefit of working in a research institute located in a national park (and a World Heritage Site for that!) is that you may have encounters with special creatures on any normal routine day. Last week we saw this large chameleon on the road to Buhoma. Remember Emmanuel’s blog about their value for […]

WCS Paparazzi in Bwindi?

Hi, we had a some special visitors to ITFC in the weekend; Julie Maher, photographer with the Wildlife Conservation Society HQ in the Bronx, New York, and Alastair McNeilage, country director for the WCS Uganda programme and our predecessor at ITFC. Both were armed with big cameras, as their main purpose for visiting us, was […]