Monthly Archives: August 2010

Don’t miss the Mountain Gorillas on TV!

Dear regulars of the Bwindi blog, just a quick note to make sure you are not missing the opportunity to see some moving images of Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi and the Virungas: on August 22nd, the BBC started airing the 3 part series on the gorillas that they came to  film last year; see Rosie’s […]

An interview with Robert Bitariho

For 12 years now, I have worked as ITFC’s research officer (previously field officer), and help with research projects. I also write proposals for ITFC, and work with people and plants. Most days here in the office, I spend writing and analyzing reports/proposals from the forest, and occasionally I go into the village and interview […]

An interview with Peter Kabano

For just over a year I have been working at ITFC, as a gorilla research assistant, employed by the Max Planck Institute; working with the mountain gorillas here in Bwindi. My current work is based on the habituation of two groups of mountain gorillas (for tourism purposes), in a joint collaboration with the Ugandan Wildlife […]

An interview with Emmanuel Akampulira

Since February 2010, I have been the coordinator of the WILD West Project, (Wildlife Landscapes and Development for Conservation in Western Uganda). My role on this project is to explore human perceptions of wildlife-human conflicts and what governs the adoption of specific measures to reduce animal raiding into fields around national parks. I also coordinate […]

An interview with Robert Barigyira

For about 15 years I have worked for ITFC as the senior herbarium technician (a herbarium is kind of, a plant library, where dried and pressed samples of plant specimens are kept and organized for reference). I have had a great interest in plants for a very long time, so when the job was advertised, […]

An interview with Badru Mugerwa

After I had taken my first degree in forestry, I had the idea of volunteering at ITFC, inspired by many people who had done research in Bwindi for their master’s degrees and PhDs. I had heard lots about ITFC, and had become motivated to join them … so naturally when the opportunity arose, I seized […]