Monthly Archives: September 2010

Is it getting too hot for Mountain Gorillas?

Last week Robert, Badru, Douglas and I went to our local town, Kabale, to participate in the closing workshop of the ‘Gorilla Conservation and Climate Change’ project run by AWF-IGCP and EcoAdapt. This project has been collecting and synthesising data and expert views concerning the consequences of climate change for the endangered Mountain Gorillas. The […]

Does certified tropical timber protect tropical forest biodiversity?

Does certified tropical timber protect tropical forest biodiversity? In my childhood TV programs about the loss of the tropical forest always included pictures of evil loggers cutting down the forest.  Indeed logging was once viewed as a major threat to tropical forests and their rich biodiversity.  But over the last two decades that view has […]

Bwindi elephant research: the experience of an ITFC sponsored student

Dear esteemed readers, Allow me to register my sincere and hearty gratitude to ITFC for supporting me financially and academically in my study of elephant impacts on trees of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. I am indeed grateful. I first came to ITFC in June 2009 as a prospective student following my application for scholarship and […]

Want to know more about rain forests? Free books for selected applicants in the tropics

Please excuse some self-promotion. It is in a good cause. Do you, or anyone you know, want to know more about tropical rain forests? I want to promote a new book. Its called Tropical Rain Forest Ecology, Diversity, and Conservation. During much of the last 5 years I have been jointly writing it with Jaboury […]

Trees, bees and elephants – the well connected forest

Ecologists sometimes like to ramble on about how everything is connected. Perhaps you know what I mean already. Ecology is all about connections. Let me give you a taste now that I have finally taken some reasonable photographs for illustration (earlier ones were too blurry to share). I’m the rambling ecologist and the connections are […]

A new group of scholarship students to join ITFC

Dear readers, we are excited! After a relatively quiet few months at the station, 4 new Masters’ students on scholarship have joined us. They arrived yesterday. The plan is to help them to fine-tune their research proposals and to start the fieldwork required for their MSc degrees. It will give the station a buzz of […]