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Who is Benson, the Shelley’s Crimsonwing spotter?

14 Nov 2010 Telephone interview with Benson Bamutura, who is waiting in his home village for the RFCG project on Shelley’s Crimsonwing to continue From left to right: (juvenile) White-starred Robin; Regal Sunbird; Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird Miriam: “How did you get so interested in birds?” Benson: “From when I was a young boy I remember always hearing […]

Rare Shelley’s Crimsonwing was spotted in Ruhija!

Yes!!! for the first time in many years, the elusive Shelley’s Crimsonwing ( Cryospiza shelleyi ) has been spotted in Bwindi again. It happened in the morning of August 1st 2010, when Amos Monday Bunengo and Joni Kamugisha (of Avian Watch Uganda), both experienced Ugandan bird guides, were leading a group of 6 visitors into […]

Elephants in the Mists: a rare Bwindi sighting

This week a contribution of a former gorilla research assistant, with writer’s aspirations… obviously! The sudden crash hit the forest floor like thunder in the near distance. The ITFC tracker and field worker stopped, causing the team to fall short inches from him. His quivering lips, widened eyes, and stiff stance warned us all. Even […]

What has Employee Health got to do with Gorilla Conservation?

We have had an exciting week here at ITFC, with 8 special visitors! First of all, on Wednesday, we welcomed Fred and Jean Paul from the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Programme (MGVP) to ITFC, followed the next day by a group of 6 staff from Bwindi Community Hospital (BCH). Here we are all together: From left […]

A day in the Mgahinga bamboo forest

Following the field training by Douglas and Miriam, Joseph and I (Fredrick) spent 2 weeks in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park leading two data collecting teams. The data will be used to answer the question “How does harvesting of bamboo stems impact its regeneration?” We are just back and wanted to give you an idea how […]

Bwindi on candid camera 14 – Up close with golden cats

We are finally getting near the end of the selected pictures from the recent camera trap efforts in Bwindi. We’ve gone through over 15,000 but today it is finally time for my favourites. These animals are amazing.  These are golden cats. Some background information: The African golden cat Caracal aurata is Africa’s most poorly known […]

Bwindi on candid camera 13 – those chimps …

We have lots of great pictures from the recent camera trap efforts in Bwindi. We have sifted through over 15,000 images to be able to share the best. Today we are back to the chimpanzees. Though we think of them as shy animals, some seem to like the camera. Perhaps it is simply curiosity.  You […]

Welcome to a new Chief for Bwindi!

Today, Friday Oct 29th, we welcomed Nelson Guma, the new Chief Warden for Bwindi and Mgahinga, to ITFC. In a morning program full of presentations and discussion, ITFC staff interacted with him, the Warden Research and Monitoring -Jennifer Atuhairwe- and head ranger Deus Tugumisirize. We briefed them on ongoing research. Nelson listened intently and asked […]