Monthly Archives: December 2010

The view from space

As a child growing up in Ireland I wanted to be an astronaut. I think I’ve grown out of that — there weren’t many opportunities anyway. But I remain fascinated by space technology. Just recently I was invited to a meeting in Paris that discussed a proposed satellite mission that may one day help us […]

Gorilla Christmas mystery

Do you know that ITFC staff have been following the Kyagrillo gorillas nearly every day for 12 years? We know a lot about these animals and what they do. But one mystery remains. Perhaps we need a new research program. Noone knows what the gorillas do on Christmas day. That’s a day off for all […]

WCS New York visitors at ITFC

Last week we welcomed visitors from New York to ITFC: Liz Bennett, head of the Wildlife Conservation Society‘s species conservation programme, her friend Kathy Ruttenberg who is a long time supporter of WCS’ activities and her friends Peter Kros and Bill Hamilton. Alastair McNeilage, former director of ITFC but now country director for WCS-Uganda, joined […]

An interview with Miriam van Heist

This blog was written by Alex Pinsker, based on an interview with Miriam van Heist “I have been working at ITFC, sharing the director’s job with Douglas Sheil, for two and a half years now. On a daily basis at the institute, I deal with staff and financial management, and answer requests for collaboration. I […]

An interview with Douglas Sheil

Dear readers, remember we presented our staff Robert, Badru, Emmanuel and Peter in this blog some time ago? We had a few more interviews in the pipeline, but too much other stuff was happening so we delayed! We now introduce Douglas Sheil, the current director of the Institute (ITFC). “I am a forest ecologist. I […]

Bwindi on candid camera 15 – Homo sapiens

I now present the last pictures selected from over 15,000 images from our TEAM camera trapping exercise. This one thankfully seems rare as it was only recorded by one camera at one point. That’s what camera traps are for; to reveal the elusive, secretive and rare species in the forest. I am talking about Homo […]