Monthly Archives: February 2011

Ruhija – a buzzing new centre for Mountain gorilla tourism and more

It is about 15 years ago that I first came to ITFC-Ruhija: there were 3 small houses lined up atop of a steep ridge. A dusty track to the tungsten/wolfram mine ran on the ridge, but a few people’s homes were down in the valley (nearer to water ), scattered on the steep slopes of […]

A succesfully completed MSc project!

Congratulations to Else Langbroek, whose thesis on the ‘Impact of bark harvesting from Rytigynia kigeziensis in Bwindi’ was approved by the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Else at the end of her fieldwork in Bwindi Else and Suzanne Stas came to ITFC for 4 months of fieldwork, in the context of an MSc study on […]

Trees and sticks for land stability and safety?

About a year ago Uganda suffered one of its worst natural disasters in recent decades. An entire village on the slopes of Mt Elgon dissapeared under a blanket of heavy mud: many lives were lost. Indeed an entire community was wiped away. People here tend to see these things as acts of god — that […]

Meeting relatives during fieldwork

Dear readers, It’s me, Christopher. I have been busy with field work, and have just come back from my annual leave. Before my leave, I was on a 2 week field trip in Mpungu, where we were monitoring the Permanent Sample Plots for the Multiple Use work. I explained about this in my blog a […]