Monthly Archives: March 2011

Bwindi’s brand-new blue-eyed black Boubou bird

Some titles are too good to miss. How often in my lifetime can I expect to be able to write up “Bwindi’s brand-new blue-eyed black Boubou bird”? Well today I can! Recently I was passed a scientific paper by one of its authors, John Bates from the Chicago Field Museum. The paper has the title  […]

Exciting experiences of our new communications officer

Dear readers, Since a week, ITFC has a staff member dedicated to communication: Ivan Wassaaka. We are very happy that he has joined us and asked him to give you an impression of his new home and tasks. The floor is yours, Ivan! For me, nature and writing are intertwined. I believe strongly in sustainably […]

Soil carbon stocks “still high” following forest loss around Bwindi

Dear Readers, This is Ronald again. My project on land-cover change, soil organic carbon and soil properties in and around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park finally came to an end. I had a wonderful experience doing research in Bwindi and more so interacting with scientists and staff at ITFC. My study had several objectives but for […]