Monthly Archives: May 2011

Raiding baboons and disease risks

I am doing my MSc research with support from ITFC.  My study considers whether any health risks are posed by the movement and behaviour of Baboons (Papio anubis) around Bwindi and what might be done about it. Baboons are adaptable and can live in various habitats. Even when humans clear away the baboon’s forest habitats for […]

The hard life of tents in Bwindi!

Remember Badru’s blog about the tree that fell on his tent in the middle of the night?  Well, I was reminded of that event this week, when we checked out the status of our camping gear, knowing how much fieldwork is coming up in the months ahead. Having 16 tents out in the field already, […]

Using flowers and fruits as indicators of climate change in Bwindi

Dear reader, Do you love flowers? Do you love fruits? Why do you love them? There are many answers to these questions. Let me tell you my experience with flowers and fruits of trees in Bwindi. My love for flowers and fruits has been boosted following fieldwork around ITFC to locate trees for studying ‘phenology’ […]

Humans or Elephants – Who is wrecking the Forest?

elephants leave extensive damage from wherever they move or feed. Whether they carelessly or intentionally do this, we all agree that elephants will open thick vegetation, trample, and even sometimes uproot plants thereby causing enormous damage. Even from a distance, you would hear them snapping tree branches as they feed or move through the forest.

Volcanic visions from windy Bwindi

With all our day-to-day concerns about Bwindi’s mountain gorillas, animals and plants we tend to focus our attention close by on the forest. Indeed, on the steep slopes, we spend a lot of time watching our feet. But sometimes its worth looking to the horizon. The views from Bwindi can be impressive. The last few […]