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Bwindi’s Teachers Receive Environmental Education Training

After taking a guided forest walk in Bwindi and later through the nearby community, teachers were asked to raise out the key environmental issues and also suggest “SMART” solutions to these issues. Through a series of interactive discussions, the teachers were helped to come up with practical solutions to the environmental challenges they raised. Each teacher was given an opportunity to illustrate how best they could inculcate these solutions into their daily lesson planning without necessarily teaching EE as an independent subject.

Beautiful pictures from the Rwenzori expedition

Dear friends of ITFC, Our team has descended from setting up the GLORIA plots on the Rwenzori Mountains! We expect them back at the station later today. WCS’ Anton Seimon, who trained the team came back a few days earlier and send us some pictures. We share them here with you, as the beauty of […]

Who am I conserving for?

This is Emmanuel — I haven’t been able to do much blogging recently due to field work away from the station. But I wanted to share some thoughts and see what you think. I have recently been watching some DVDs of a popular series called “Gossip Girl” (no obvious relation to Conservation … but I’ll […]

ITFC sets up the first African GLORIA plots on Mount Rwenzori

Dear followers of ITFC’s blog We have just come back from the footslopes of the Rwenzori mountains, on the border between Uganda and DR-Congo. We had a 1-day workshop there to introduce a new monitoring activity: ITFC will lead a new study that will set up high altitude plots (well above the treeline, around 4000 […]

Update on Habinyanja blackback killed by poachers

A couple of weeks ago I promised to keep you updated on the death of Mizaano from the Habinyanja Mountain Gorilla group. Well I just talked to the senior warden in charge (Acting Conservation Area Manager) of the park who confirmed that suspects have been arrested but are currently denying all charges. The legal process will […]

Gorilla gathering at ITFC

Last week ITFC hosted the workshop “Gorillas across Africa” that included representatives from the majority of gorilla habitat countries. We believe this was the first time that such a broad gathering has been convened. The meeting was led by the Max Planck Institute (Evolutionary Anthropology), and the North Carolina Zoo. Gladys Kalema of Uganda’s Conservation Through […]

Could Carapa seed studies aid forest conservation?

At the end of last month (June 2011), we hosted visiting researchers from the National Museum of Natural History Brunoy, France. Dr. Pierre-Michel FORGET (also past president of Tropical Biological Association in 2007-2009) was accompanied by research partners Dr. Irene Mendoza and Aisha Nyiramana (Ph D student, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle and University of Butaré lecturer […]