Monthly Archives: September 2011

Galagos spotted in broad daylight!

While going to the Kyagurilo gorilla group on the 27th of August (following Ruyagare trail), we heard some noise from above. We moved the branches a bit and then we could clearly see a nest on a branch about 4 m high. We were wondering whose nest it was when two galagos jumped out of […]

Field day for the gorilla census training

Friday 9 September: the third and last training day for the 2011 Bwindi gorilla census: time for the participants to practise in the forest. I took the opportunity to go along and see what a gorilla census entails. A census team has 6 members, but you will see many more people in the pictures as […]

ITFC hosts training for participants in Bwindi’s Mountain gorilla census

Dear readers, this week ITFC hosts a large group of people from Uganda, Rwanda and DRCongo in our Conservation Education Centre. They are preparing for the 4th census of our (Bwindi’s) Mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei). After this training, six teams will systematically search the forest for recent gorilla trails, and record and count night […]

A revealing second look at an African golden cat

We have collected the cameras from this year’s camera trapping. We are behind with processing the images due to all the other activities that are happening, but we look forward to seeing them. Last year we had about 15,000 images to review so we expect something similar this year. It takes a lot of time. […]