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1 Dead Lioness, 3 angry factions, 1 mzungu

Today we have the honour to run a guest blog by Mark Laxer who visited ITFC recently. Mark is President and co-founder of Chimp-n-Sea Wildlife Conservation Fund, Mark Laxer invented virtual ecotourism–known as vEcotourism–a real-time, interactive educational system designed to mitigate ill effects of ecotourism. He is also author of The Monkey Bible. In August, […]

ITFC on BBC Science in Action

Want to hear ITFC on the radio? Excerpts of interviews with Robert, Miriam, Douglas and a local farmer named Benson have been aired by BBC World Service’s Science in Action program. The program is available for the next 30 days as a podcast at the BBC web site here ( It is about 9 MB […]

A Date with Rare Guests – a Big Cat, Cobra, Chameleons, Baboons

A Date with Rare Guests at ITFC offices – a Big Cat, Cobra, Chameleons, Baboons

More surprises-from the African elephant to the Scaly ant-eaters

What makes my work with camera traps thrilling is the big number of images (and surprises that come with them) we get from our camera trapping activity.  Last year we captured twenty and four species of mammals and birds respectively.  Despite missing a few expected species, images included those of the enigmatic and secretive threatened […]