Monthly Archives: November 2011

Where are the Endemic Bird Areas (EBAs) in Uganda?

Endemic bird areas (EBAs), defined by BirdLife International, are geographical areas home to at least two endemic bird species whose ranges (i.e with a world distribution of less than 50,000 km²) are restricted to a relatively small area. More than 70% of such species are also globally threatened with extinction. For this reason, EBAs should […]

New 10-year General Management Plan for Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Area in making

Dear readers, This week we welcome back our very own Robert Bitariho from a hectic week. He represented ITFC in a first stage of a General Management Plan (GMP) development for the Bwindi and Mgahinga Conservation Area (BMCA). Together with 14 other planning team members, he had a reconnaissance trip of  conditions, facilities and management issues in the two parks making up the BMCA. The GMP […]

Virunga’s Nyamulagira Volcano Erupts Again

The bright red skies as seen from ITFC in Ruhija (Bwindi) say it all. On Wednesday, Africa’s most active volcano Nyamulagira, rumbled again spectacularly turning skies bright orange and red. Nyamulagira is one of the volcanoes in Virunga mountains located on the Democratic Republic of Congo, 25 kms north of Lake Kivu. It last erupted […]

Local communities – Friends or foe to conservation?

“We have lived with the wildlife since time immemorial. You were not here and yet we spared the forest. How come you are now the ones giving us instructions on how to conserve it?” This is one of the many challenging questions conservation managers have to face when dealing with communities neighboring conservation areas. While […]