Monthly Archives: January 2012

Game reveals complex links between poverty and threats to apes

Written by  Mike Shanahan There were 50 ape experts in a room and a quick game to play to break the ice. “If you agree with the statement, go to the left side of the room,” said the facilitator. “If you disagree go to the right.” She then unveiled eight simple words that split the […]

New Website on Africa’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites Launched

A new website about Africa’s World Heritage sites has just been launched. This website contains information about some of the most spectacular natural places on Earth, as well as our most precious cultural heritage. From the pyramids of Egypt to the snows of Kilimanjaro, this website takes you to the heart of the continent, with […]

Bwindi’s Flying Jewels

At least 310 species of butterflies (Davenport 1995) have found home here and one can identify 50 species on a walk through the forest in a day. Eight of these are Albertine Rift endemics and yet 3 of these have only been sighted in Bwindi (or utmost the nearby forest in Congo). The three are Papilio leucotaenia, Graphium gudenusi and Charaxes fournierae.