Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Press or the science journal? Where should a scientist look first?

As long ago as 2005, a Norwegian scientist published research findings in a science journal stating that the lives of people living on certain slopes of Mt. Elgon were in danger because of looming landslides. However, neither community members nor local authorities got this information early enough to migrate from danger. On the 1st March 2010, the settlement […]

International workshop and celebrating 21 years of research and training for conservation

  Last week ITFC and the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA, the managers of Uganda’s National Parks) jointly hosted our annual ‘Information Sharing Workshop’, this time in Mbarara. 65 Participants from Uganda, Rwanda and Congo came to represent the students, hosts, partners and collaborators we work with. This workshop was a closing event for ITFC’s 3 […]

“Hey calm down, It’s our world too… ” Bwindi chimps cry out

Frankly, I don’t know who makes the wildest or loudest noise to the world out there. I have had the opportunity to visit the mountain gorillas and witnessed them making the deafening “call me boss” noises. Similarly, I have had to endure several evening hours of “hey this is my territory” screams of chimpanzees, all […]

Night of the ants

They came in the night. I woke with my hair full of crawling creatures. Ants. After that we didn’t get much sleep. Army ants are swarming arount the ITFC station. Not a good idea to get too close. We hopped about. We swept. We put down barriers. Paraffin and ashes work as repellents. Water can […]