Monthly Archives: May 2012

Horrifying nights as I shared camp with Bwindi’s forest elephants

After being awarded an MSc research scholarship by ITFC, I immediately moved on to conduct my research on “Understanding the diversity, distribution and impact of canopy parasitic plants in Bwindi forest”. I therefore returned to ITFC in February 2011 to try out my research methods, before the actual research could start. I must admit that […]

ITFC celebrates its 21st Birthday!

Dear friends of ITFC, On Friday May 4th, ITFC gave a birthday party: in 2012 it is 21 years ago that the institute came into being … It was in 1991 when a project for conservation of the ‘Impenetrable Forest’ (IFCP) got the more permanent status of a research institute under Mbarara University of Science and Technology […]

Coming from Spain to Uganda is a big change

What a lifetime opportunity it is to volunteer with ITFC! I have been at ITFC for 2 months and I must say that I learned a lot: in theory (the library is incredibly complete and the staff of the Institute are like open books!) and of course in practice, for me the most exciting part. […]

Tracking Mountain gorillas with Jonathan Kingdon and Laura Snook

We joined our friends Jonathan Kingdon and Laura Snook – see previous blog for background – for gorilla tracking to the Bitukura group just recently. It was only the four of us and Stephen from UWA as our guide. The morning was sunny and we did not need to walk far from the Ruhija ranger […]