Monthly Archives: July 2012

ITFC olympics and au revoir

                    Well, the olympics have begun … you may be surprised to learn that ITFC was involved. Last Saturday we had, what we hope might become the first of many, ITFC “olympic fun days”. Field staff, students, staff and volunteers participated in the volley ball Fredrick […]

The impenetrable challenge of an overwhelming understorey

The following is a text I wrote for tthe British Ecological Society Bulletin — that was published last month (June 2012). I wrote it to attract interest to a challenge that requires more attention from ecologists and others.  I hope you find it of interest. ___ Science journals favour tidy theory and rigorous results, but […]

What were medical students doing at ITFC?

These last 5 weeks, ITFC had some special residents: 6 students of Mbarara University’s Department of Community Health were based at the Institute for their ‘Community Placement’ and worked with Ruhija’s Health Centre III. Yesterday they gave their final presentation at ITFC and said goodbye. We have enjoyed their company, enthusiasm and curiosity! The team […]