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ITFC’s website gets a new look

Friends of Bwindi researchers , we are delighted and excited to share with you some of the milestones from our rather long silence. We have been updating our (ITFC) website. We are going live today with this revamped look. It’s dynamic, glossy and updated.

Please kindly check it out here www.itfc.org or www.must.itfc.ac.ug

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Dennis hurt but recovering after accident

An update from ITFC. Dennis was hurt in an accident a few days ago.

It was a road accident. Apparently Dennis, who was on leave, was with about 30 people including children travelling on the back of a lorry loaded with timber and goods near Kabale (our nearest big town). The lorry appears to have been going fast on a newly built stretch of road. It lost control on a corner. It skidded and tipped over scattering its load. Sadly there was one fatality: a young ranger who comes from around here. Given the number of people involved it could have been considerably worse.

Dennis has been having a series of medical checks and treatments. Though bruised and sore he appears to be recovering.

One of the things we have been trying to do here at ITFC is to evaluate and improve safety. We cannot control local lorries or who travels upon them, but there are things we can do. For example, we can ensure tyres with treads on our own old and decrepit vehicles. The habit here is to drive until the tyres are bald and then to keep going some more. Luckily we have now been able to replace all the tyres using the funds we received from MacArthur. Horribly expensive yes but the alternative is potentially worse. The risks here will never be zero, but we can work to make them smaller.

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Dennis a couple of days before the accident.